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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


The subtle symptoms of wheel imbalance are challenging to detect. However, neglecting these can cost you heavily in the long run.

Wheel imbalance can compromise your vehicle’s performance and safety significantly. So, as soon as you suspect this issue, visit Trackside Auto Centre without any further delay.

Our professionals have the necessary expertise to perform car wheel balancing Derby perfectly.

Technicians at our garage for wheel balancing use the latest technology to help your car wheels gain back their efficiency.


What is wheel balancing?

Wheel balancing is the technique that conducts even distribution of weight throughout the circumference of a tyre or a wheel assembly. Car wheel balancing Derby is essential for a smooth ride.

People often confuse the wheel balancing with wheel alignment. Although both sound similar, they have notable differences.

Alignment consists of rectifying the angles of the wheels. The process ensures that the wheels are perpendicular to a road and parallel to each other. Balancing, on the other hand, involves distributing weight evenly throughout a tyre or a wheel assembly. Unbalanced wheels can lead to vibrations in the steering or accelerated tyre wear.

Both these issues hinder a smooth car riding experience. To get rid of these malfunctions, you must approach our automobile service station - Trackside Auto Centre – for accurate wheel balancing and alignment. We will ensure that your car gets back on track in no time.

When should you go for wheel balancing?

There are several symptoms which help you identify the need for wheel balancing. These issues may seem minor at the moment, but eventually, they expand. Here is a list of symptoms which will help you to understand that your car needs wheel balancing.

  • If the front wheels are unbalanced, you will feel vibrations in the steering wheel when you drive at high speed.
  • You will observe a fall in fuel efficiency
  • In case the rear wheels are out of balance, there will be vibrations in the seat or floor of your car.
  • Accelerated uneven tyre wear.

Wheel balancing needs to be carried out after every tyre change. You should also get the balancing checked after hitting a curb or driving though a deep pothole. It would be helpful if you consider wheel balancing after covering every 10,000 miles. 

Detecting imbalance in the wheels demands significant expertise. Therefore, the moment you observe any of the symptoms mentioned above, you don’t need to search for a “wheel balancing garage near me” or Wheel Balancing Derby anymore. Visit our garage and get rid of this issue before it affects the performance of your car. You can place us a call for booking an appointment.

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