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DPF cleaning, also known widely as DPF regeneration, is a time-taking but crucial aspect of keeping your car’s emissions at a minimum. Our facility- Trackside Auto Centre- is one of the oldest establishments in Derby for general automotive care. We have been the go-to facility for DPF cleaning Derby (a rather new procedure) for quite a few years now.

All cars which run on diesel have a special filter called the Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF. Over time, this filter becomes clogged with the humongous amounts of soot that any diesel engine produces. Once the particulate filter is unable to refine the exhausts, it needs cleaning or regeneration.

Why is DPF cleaning necessary?

The most prevalent reasons why a particulate filter requires a replacement are the following:

    • Use of low-ash engine oil:

Low-grade or inexpensive engine oil can produce a lot of soot. It may eat away at your car’s DPF. You will have to undergo more frequent sessions of DPF regeneration Derby if this is the issue. Always use engine oil recommended by your car’s manufacturer.

    • Shorter trips galore:

It has been observed that DPF damage is most typical in cities. It indicates that shorter trips are not very conducive to the well-being of the filter. Plus, the filter is under enormous pressure to clear accumulated and unwanted soot, leaving it weakened.

    • Using 100% diesel-based Bio-fuel:

Although using bio-fuels is an excellent idea for the sake of the environment, it creates a lot of pressure on the DPF. This is because bio-fuel is not nearly as ‘clean-burning’ as diesel is. You might need DPF cleaning Derby every now and then in this instance.

How can we help?

There are 3 ways to regenerate a DPF, and Trackside Auto Centre specialises in all of them. They are:

    • Active regeneration:

Of all DPF cleaning methods, it is the commonest type. It takes 10 minutes or so to complete. The process uses sensors to detect and scrape off soot deposits and also adjusts fuel intake accordingly.

    • Passive regeneration:

Your car’s engine contains an oxidising catalytic converter. In passive cleaning, the vehicle is driven on highways at high speeds so that the fuel gets ample amount to burn at a very high temperature (around 600o Celsius). Note that this DPF cleaning Derby method has a record for long-lasting positive results, although it takes more time to complete.

    • Forced regeneration:

If your car’s ECU sends out a signal to the DPF warning lights, causing them to blink rapidly, it might be time for a forced DPF cleaning Derby. You must immediately bring your vehicle to our facility- Trackside Auto Centre.

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