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No matter how alert you are or how amazing your driving skills are, it is hard to avoid tyre punctures. If you get stranded in the middle of a road with a flat, you will need the help of an expert garage for car puncture repair Derby. Driving on flat tyres can be extremely risky, causing difficulty in vehicle handling and reducing the lifespan of the tyres as well.

Trackside Auto Centre is a reputed garage fortyre repair Derby, bringing quick and affordable servicing solutions to all. Call us today at 07868189772 to book an appointment.

How do we repair car tyre punctures?

At our garage for puncture repair Derby, we follow British standards for tyre repair. The following steps are involved:

  • Step 1: Removing the flat tyre from the rim and locating the damage.
  • Step 2: Eliminating any foreign particle from the tyre and cleaning the affected area with a pre-buff cleaner.
  • Step 3: Placing a patch over the puncture area and marking the ends.
  • Step 4: Buffing the tyre’s inner lining using domed buffing rasp.
  • Step 5: Applying the accelerator mixture on the inner lining and puncture channel.
  • Step 6: Plugging the repair patch inside the channel and pulling it outwards, sealing the leak in the process.
  • Step 7: Sealing the channel using a sealant and covering the visible patch.
  • Step 8: Cutting off the patch stem and mounting the tyre again on the rim.
  • Step 9: Check wheel balancing

After adequate air is pumped in, your car tyre will be ready to be driven on roads again.

With us, you can put you “puncture repair near me” or  Tyre Repair Derby searches to an end!

In case your tyre is not repairable (sidewall damage, wear under the legal limit) our Trackside Auto Centre has a variety of tyres available for you.

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