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Are you looking for Engine Diagnostic for your vehicle?


When it comes to engine diagnostics Derby, our facility- Trackside Auto Centre- is probably the best-known service provider in this city. We are deeply humbled to have a loyal clientele of car owners across Derbyshire who choose us to handle such technologically challenging operations.

All modern cars have an on-board computer which monitors a wide array of issues in real-time. This is the Engine Control Unit or ECU.

On-Board Diagnostics (or OBD) is a part of a car’s in-built, self-diagnosing system. Although OBDs were introduced to keep vehicular emissions in check, they gained prominence in the mid-1980s for their capability to detect any anomaly in a car’s functioning by generating an error code.

Our technicians at Trackside Auto Centre use advanced handheld devices to ‘read’ these codes and fix any problems.

How do we approach engine diagnostics?

We use cutting-edge technology and advanced tools to ensure your car’s good health. Whenever any parameter goes awry, the driver sees the ‘check engine light’ blinking. However, a multitude of factors may trigger this warning.

To determine which of the factor/s is at play, we use OBD-II scanning systems. Whenever you visit Trackside Auto Centre for a car diagnostics check Derby, we will follow these protocols:

  • As we mentioned earlier, we have advanced handheld devices, very similar to the ubiquitous ‘MaxScan OE509’ system, to diagnose issues.
  • Our technicians use OBD-II Data Connectors to tap into error codes generated by the system. All such codes have 4 letters, the first of which roughly indicates the damaged area. Thus, ‘P’ indicates trouble with the powertrain and a car’s engine, while the letters ‘C’ and ‘B’ denote problems with the chassis and the body respectively.
  • At this stage, we ‘read’ the trouble-ridden area. This is the most crucial step in engine diagnostics Derby. Service, repair and restoration begin in earnest after this point.
  • Once our technicians solve all issues, we will once again log into the OBD-II port to determine if the error is fixed. Our expert team of highly-trained technicians can resolve most issues within record times.
  • The final step of engine diagnostics Derby involves a professional look-over of the car, both visually and using sensors. Once we are sure that your car has no more lingering nuisances, you can take the vehicle.

Note that sometimes, it might be impossible to repair certain damaged areas. Replacements of the clutch, braking mechanism and suspension are the only way to get rid of pesky problems. Trackside Auto Centre is a professional and transparent facility; we will always keep our clients well informed before moving ahead with expensive replacements.

Are you on the lookout for affordable “car diagnostics near me”?

It would help if you visited our facility in Shaftesbury Industrial Estate, located on Derby’s Shaftesbury Street. Let us help you get rid of your car’s problems.

You can book a slot by calling us on 078681 89772 or mail us at You can certainly come to our workshop directly.

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