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Pirelli Tyres

Founded in 1872, Pirelli has never failed to deliver high-end products. The brand is a major player in manufacturing tyres for cars and motorcycles.

If you want to buy Pirelli car tyres Derby, we, Trackside Auto Centre, have an extensive stock for you. But before you place your order, know why we recommend Pirelli strongly.

What makes Pirelli tyres special?

There are three major technologies which Pirelli specialises in.

  • PNCS technology-
  • Also known as Pirelli noise-cancelling system, this eliminates the phenomenon of cavity noises and provides improved driving comfort. This is achieved by Pirelli’s unique polyurethane sponge that absorbs the cavity noise and prevents it from getting transmitted to the cabin.

  • Self-Supporting technology- 
  • The Pirelli Self-Supporting System will keep your car going up to a certain limit even with a puncture. Specific reinforcement in the sidewall structure helps support lateral and transverse loads, even in the lack of air pressure. 

  • Seal Inside technology-
  • This is an addition to the run-flat technology that allows the vehicle to move smoothly with a puncture. The objects causing the puncture get stuck in the sealing mastic which creates a seal to prevent further damage.

All these technologies are combined to produce top-notch tyres for every season. If you are willing to buy Pirelli car tyres DerbyTrackside Auto Centre can help you with it.

Our best-selling Pirelli tyres Derby

  • P Zero Corsa System-
  • This variant combines the directional and asymmetric trade designs to enhance both styling and structure. The specialized structure also enhances optimal stability during cornering and at high speed. 

  • Winter Sottozero Serie II-
  • The tyres of this segment lends improved winter driving experience for sports cars and premium vehicles. The asymmetric tread pattern works in two ways - It helps the inner area of the tyre to expel water effectively. At the same time, the external area has more rigid and spaced blocks that render efficient gripping on snow or slush.

  • Cinturato All Season Plus – 
  • This tyre comes with a new tread pattern compound that enhances performance on both dry and wet roads. These tyres combine Pirelli’s latest technologies, including Seal Inside for ultimate performance.

    Check out some other popular Pirelli car tyres

    • Winter Sottozero 3-
    • known for the double-arrow tread pattern that gives high traction on frosty roads.

    • P Zero Rosso-
    • Offers precise steering on wet and dry roads.

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