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Timing belt

Timing belt change Derby - Trackside Autocentre

The timing belt is the heart of mechanical motor control. Often the timing belt or also called cambelt drives the water pump via the crankshaft and, depending on the vehicle, also the power steering. Its main task is to move the camshaft and thus control the intake and exhaust valves. It doesn't take much imagination to think what the consequences of a not properly tensioned, or broken timing belt are. In most cases, it ends with major engine damage and a considerable cost or even total loss of the vehicle.

In order to prevent such damage, the Trackside Autocentre workshop in Derby always offers the best timing belt change Derby.

Our experts renew timing belts completely with all tension and idler pulleys (these are responsible for the guidance and the tensioning of the engine belts), as well as the water pump if necessary, according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Here at the Trackside Auto Centre, we only use original parts to make sure your vehicle drives safely for many miles to come.

Depending on the vehicle type, the replacement intervals for timing belts are between 37000 miles and 150000 miles. In addition to the mileage, the time interval must also be taken into account, as the material becomes brittle over time and can crack.

Trackside Auto Centre - First-class Timing belt change Derby service.

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