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Are you looking for Suspension Repair for your vehicle?


To ensure a comfortable ride even on bumpy roads, the suspension system in your vehicle must perform optimally. However, without proper care, the shock absorbers in the suspension system tend to wear out faster.

If you are looking for a thorough check of car suspension system Derby, we, at Trackside Auto Centre are your ideal companion. We take pride in our professional car servicing, which includes prompt replacement of damaged shock absorbers and other suspension components. Call us today to book an appointment.

Symptoms of damaged car shock absorbers Derby

Before the shock absorbers in your car’s suspension system are completely damaged, you should be able to diagnose a faulty system by detecting some warning signs.

    • Bumpy car rides

One of the most obvious signs of faulty shocks will be poor riding quality. You will start noticing that your rides are very unconformable, and you may often lose control of the car as well. You will feel even small bumps on the road.

Before you go out on unfamiliar streets or off-roading, checking the shock absorbers in the suspension system is always a good idea. At Trackside Auto Centre, you can rely on us for car suspension repair Derby services.

    • Nose-diving

A faulty suspension system will also cause degraded braking performance. You will feel the entire weight of the car hurled forward, and the front part of the vehicle tends to go downward. This phenomenon is a clear indication of an underlying issue with the suspension.

    • Drifting

Another sign of a faulty suspension system is that your car pulls directionally. Ideally, your vehicle should move in a straight line. However, when you corner, you will feel the rear wheels over-steering if the car shocks are worn out.

    • Vibrations in the car floor

More severe damage to the suspension system can result in the entire frame of the car vibrating terribly, which you will be able to feel in the floorboard of the vehicle.

Visit our garage for suspension repair Derby for quick and efficient fitting of new shock absorbers.

    • Uneven tyre treads

Your car tyres can be a good indication of underlying issues. Uneven tread patterns or bald spots often reflect unequal pressure distribution on the wheels which can be caused due to a faulty suspension.

Can the suspension system be repaired?

The suspension system is a rather complicated component of the car. Certain components cannot be fixed, and once the shocks are worn-out, it is always better to get new shock absorbers Derby.

Stop searching for “shock absorber repair near me” and turn to us!

Contact us at 07868189772 for thorough servicing of your vehicle’s car suspension system Derby. Apart from shock absorbers, we also service other car components like brakes, clutches, exhausts, and batteries. Call us today to book an appointment and skip the queue or email us at to know more.

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