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Uniroyal Tyres Derby - The "rain tyre."

Uniroyal tyres have a long tradition. The first car tyres of this brand were produced in 1898, and since 1929 they are also made in Germany. Fifty years later, Continental AG takes over the Uniroyal company, but the brand name remains - of course because it has a good reputation. 1969 saw the breakthrough when Uniroyal's first rain tyre outshone all competing products in several tests. Since then, the Uniroyal tyres with the umbrella symbol have been world-famous. No wonder that all summer tyres of this brand have the word "Rain" in their name. RainExpert, RainMax and RainSport offer maximum safety in the wet and are available for various vehicle classes. Of course, winter and all-season tyres are also part of the range. If you don't want to make any compromises and are looking to buy tyres Derby that can handle all weather conditions with confidence, you should choose products from Uniroyal.

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