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In an internal combustion engine, the cambelt is a rubber belt that maintains the sync between the pistons and crankcase, and the valves. Proper functioning of this component is essential for optimum efficiency of the engine.

Cambelts are made with reinforced components, which help them last longer. Nevertheless, cambelts are also subject to wear and tear, especially with regular use. Upon noticing any issues with your engine, you should bring your car to a professional garage to check for potential damages.

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How does a cambelt function?

An optimally performing cambelt is crucial to the correct opening and closing of engine valves during each intake and exhaust stroke. This belt diverts engine power back to the camshaft, thereby maintaining the movements of various engine components.

If the cambelt snaps, thereby failing to maintain the rotation between crankshaft and camshaft, the pistons and valves in your car engine will collide with each other at a rate of more than 200 times a minute. This can cause irreparable damage to the engine. Hence, you should include cambelt in your car’s servicing checklist.

Signs of a damaged cambelt

The usual life span of a cambelt is 50,000 miles, after which it should be replaced. However, certain conditions like extreme temperatures and oil and water leaks can cause accelerated wear and tear of cambelts.

If you notice any symptom mentioned below, your car needs engine cambelt repairs at the earliest.

  • Noise from the cambelt region

In certain situations, there will be audible rattling noise coming from the cambelt area when your car engine is idle. This noise is an obvious indicator that the cambelt pulleys have worn out. What follows is a chain reaction, as worn-out pulleys further accelerate damage to the cambelt.

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  • Car fails to start

Loss of tension on the cambelt pulleys can cause the engine to not start the car at all. The increased friction caused due to a worn-out cambelt can also cause the vehicle to start after a small delay, which is detrimental to the engine.

The cambelt repair cost depends a lot on where you service your vehicle, as hourly garage rates dictate servicing fee. Often, your car’s make and model also affect the cost, as many cars now come with twin cams. That being said, you can rely on us for a transparent quote of cambelt replacement or servicing.

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