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Hankook Tyres

Hankook tyres are characterised by continuous optimisation of all their important properties. This is because the South Korean company has paid great attention to research

and development from the very beginning. Founded in 1941, the company is now a truly global enterprise and has also had production facilities throughout Europe for many years. 

Hankook tyres are recognised worldwide for their high quality. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for the tyre manufacturer. That is why Hankook tyres Derby are subjected to rigorous testing before they are sold and put on your vehicle. Characteristics such as a long service life or exceptionally high grip are features of Hankook tyres Derby. Many car manufacturers use Hankook tyres as original equipment for their new cars.

Hankook not only develops and produces tyres for road traffic, but Hankook tyres are also a fixture in racing. In our Trackside Auto Centre store, you will discover many inexpensive Hankook summer tyres as well as winter tyres from Hankook, which offer you a high degree of safety and driving pleasure on the road. Of course, you will also find Hankook all-season tyres such as Kinergy 4S H740 or Hankook Optimo 4S H730 in our store and online on our Trackside Auto Centre website. The symbiosis of comfortable driving feeling and high safety make the summer, winter and all-season tyres of Hankook Tyres Derby so attractive.

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