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MOT Test 


Any vehicle, commercial or privately-owned, needs to pass an annual MOT test (as soon as it is 3 years old). The test and its parameters are defined by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency or DVSA. The test, however, exempts vintage vehicles.

If you live and drive in or around Derby, you can visit our facility- Trackside Auto Centre- for MOT Derby. We are an authorised testing facility, accredited by the DVSA.

We provide class-leading MOT testing for Class-4 vehicles at only £40. Most passenger cars fall under this class, allowing us to serve hundreds of clients every year.

If your car passes the MOT, we will issue you a VT20 certificate.

Else, we will detail the faults recorded in a VT30 certificate. This is a ‘fail’ certificate. However, we are also one of Derby’s best car service centres, and we can ensure your vehicle aces the test the next time by conducting all necessary repairs and replacements.

Why not combine the MOT test with an annual service? This way you save money and make sure the vehicle passes the MOT test.

Decoding an MOT for Class-4 vehicles

An MOT Derby checks the following parts of your car:

  • Exhausts and emissions:
  • A handheld reader can carry out an emission test. If noxious gases are found like NO2, SO2 and CO, your vehicle will not pass an MOT. All exhausts should contain non-polluting gases only.

  • Restraining devices:
  • This includes seatbelts and amenities for children. Seatbelts should be elastic, must fit perfectly and should not be too loose. The same applies to any other similar safety attachments inside a car.

  • Steering:
  • MOT test Derby places great emphasis on whether a car’s steering system is working perfectly. There should be no vibrations in the steering column or any issue when handling tight corners.

  • Windscreen and mirrors:
  • Both the front and rear windshields must be in good shape. They must be free from chipping or fractures. Besides, they should meet the standards set by the automobile association of the UK. External mirrors will also be checked.

  • Lights:
  • All internal and external lights must be working without any hitches. The headlights, DRLs and hazard lights must not have any bugs. Similarly, all internal lights must work properly.

  • Braking system:
  • From the pedals to the master fluid cylinder, your car’s brakes must work seamlessly. There should be no slippage or leaks either.

  • Suspension:
  • When our technicians check MOT history, we will look out for any previous instances of suspension issues. We will take special care of the springs, shocks and other parts of the suspension.

  • Battery and wiring:
  • Your car’s battery should maintain an adequate voltage output of around 12V. All wiring and electrical systems, including the horns, must work as they should.

There are several other aspects of MOT check Derby which we check. Trackside Auto Centre has some of the finest technicians in Derby and surrounding Counties.

We also offer attractive deals. For Pounds 40, we will provide MOT testing for passenger cars and all other vehicles under Class-4!

Still looking for an “MOT checker near me”?

Why don’t you visit our facility and avail of our services? Being an accredited testing facility, Trackside Auto Centre will easily provide any extra service you desire.

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