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Are you looking for Exhaust Service for your vehicle?


The exhaust system of your car must function optimally to reduce emissions and keep your vehicle compliant with the environmental standards. As such, every vehicle-owner needs to take proper care of the car’s exhaust system. If you are looking for a reliable garage for exhaust service Derby, Trackside Auto Centre is your one-stop solution.

A vehicle’s exhaust system is made up of numerous parts which work together to drive harmful emissions away from the driver and passenger cabins.

Components of a car exhaust system

    • Exhaust Manifold

The exhaust manifold combines noxious fumes from multiple cylinders into one single pipe. It is usually made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, or cast iron. The toxic gases travel through the exhaust manifold and gather in a catalytic converter.

Any defect in this component will affect the exhaust system’s functioning; thereby leading you to opt for exhaust repair Derby.

    • Oxygen Sensor

This component measures the amount of oxygen present in the exhaust. It is mounted between the exhaust manifold and muffler.

    • Catalytic Converter

This is encased in a stainless steel housing containing ceramic blocks. The ducts in a catalytic converter convert toxic fumes into harmless gases like oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapour.

    • Resonator

Gases released from the catalytic converter then go through the resonator. The steel tube in a resonator works to reduce the intensity of sound waves.

    • Muffler

Exhaust gases and sound waves pass through the muffler. It consists of expansion chambers of varied sizes. Tiny holes in the muffler cause friction and destroy the intensity of sound waves.

    • Exhaust Pipe

After most of the toxic gases are eliminated, the remaining gases along with vapours are released into the air through the exhaust pipe.

    • Hangers and Brackets

In most cars, the exhaust system remains suspended below a car through a series of brackets and hangers.

In case any of these hangers or brackets gets misaligned, you might hear some scraping sound from your car. You must get such issues fixed without delay from a reliable garage for exhaust service Derby.

Common signs of a malfunctioning exhaust

  • Poor fuel economy
  • A stench of noxious gases coming from the vehicle
  • Excessively loud exhaust noise
  • Frequent engine misfires
  • A burning smell emanating from the engine bay

If you come across any of these issues, you might search for “exhaust servicing near me”. On the other hand, you can simply come down to Trackside Auto Centre for unmatched exhaust repair Derby.

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